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Promotional Items from Princetonian Graphics

Whether you’re approaching the end of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year and want to impart some fun swag for your team, or you simply want to get your brand out there with some promotional items, you’ll want to find a local print shop that can handle the task.

At Princetonian Graphics, we’re happy to assist you with the printing and distribution of your promotional items.

How We Create Promotional Items

There are plenty of items where you can have your logo printed. Whether you’re looking for apparel like jackets or hats, coffee mugs or water bottles, or 1 of 10,000 other promotional items, we can handle the task of designing and implementing the approved graphics on clothing and accessories.

Using our experienced designers, we’ll ensure your logo looks the way you imagined, and that the graphics and typography are correct and aligned perfectly.

The items will be boxed up and shipped directly out to you. You’ll then be ready to disperse them to your team or clientele.

Choosing Your Items

When you’re looking to provide promotional items for your staff, partners, or clients, you’ll want to carefully consider your options. We can assist you with navigating your options, with clothing and apparel being the most popular, as are common accessories like coffee mugs, water bottles, or even tote bags. Depending on the items you choose, we’ll either print, silk screen, or embroider them.

End of the Year Gifts

It’s common for companies to use promotional items as gifts for their employees after a good fiscal year. These items can range from a variety of clothing and accessories and are a good opportunity to utilize your branding for your team. Even work-related events can be helpful, with having your team wear branded shirts or jackets.

No matter which item you choose, we’ll send the design for approval so you can get a sense of what the items will look like so you can be happy with the result.

Getting Started on Your Promotional Items

Whether you want to print a calendar, stock up on some of your company swag, or simply provide branded gifts for your team, you’ll need professional assistance to handle the volume and order of your promotional items.

Not only can we print and silkscreen the necessary materials, but we can also house them in our warehouse for when they’re ready to ship. We can also handle the shipping and delivery of the items. Having a one-stop shop for your promotional items makes the experience so much easier.

If you’re ready to begin the process of having custom promotional items printed for your team or clientele, you can easily begin by clicking on the Promotions link or contacting us directly. We’ll walk you through the options and work with you to develop a timeframe of when you’d like the project completed and delivered.

At Princetonian Graphics, we’re committed to providing our clients with our exceptional designs and printing capabilities to deliver high-quality promotional items.