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Popular Print Materials to Help Market Your Business

While digital marketing is on the rise, printed marketing materials still hold sway with getting your business name out there to potential clients and customers. If you’re looking for different ways to market your business via printed materials, our team at Princetonian Graphics is here to help.

In this guide, we’ll list off a few different marketing materials that you’ll still see today.


Infographics are a great form of printing for business for traditional marketing. These materials provide the necessary information, corresponding with a relevant graphic—letting the words and images work together. They’re not too wordy, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that they’ll be read, and the information will be consumed.

Business Cards

Business cards will never go away. They’re vital to business and obtaining new clients. Whether it’s at a networking event, a business luncheon, or simply a chance meeting, having a card with your contact information is key to forging relationships with potential customers. The best business cards are sharply designed and provide the necessary information needed to move forward with contacting.


If you have a product that you want to show off, nothing is better than having a sleek and glossy brochure. Brochures are a chance to provide detailed information and photos of your products. You can provide brief descriptions, benefits, or even instructions.

When an interested party gets a brochure and they take the necessary time to research your product or services, they’ll be more likely to convert and purchase one of your products or enlist your services.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a classic form of print marketing. It gets whatever message you want to convey to your current or future client base directly to them. These forms of printed marketing materials can often include incentives like coupons or limited time deals.

Posters & Banners

Posted and banners can be very effective if you’re at a conference. This visual aid can provide some short details about your business, but it’s also used to create brand awareness. This will help with logo and brand recognition, as well as introducing your company to a new audience.

Increasing Awareness Through Printed Marketing Materials

The main benefit of printed marketing materials, like the ones listed above, is for brand awareness and recognition. It helps you expand your reach and circulate your business name in an effort to bring in more clients.

Printed marketing materials aren’t just for client acquisition. They’re also very effective at maintaining relationships with your current client base—giving them updates on your business, products, services, and more.

Begin Marketing Your Business with Print

Now that you’re a little more familiar with the types of print materials for marketing, and how they can help you market and expand your business, you’re ready to get started! If you’re looking to partner with an experienced commercial printing company, you can easily look to us at Princetonian Graphics!

Our team will work with you to help you develop concepts and designs that are ready to be circulated. Contact us to get started!